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What ATLibrary Does

Think of a regular library, full of books and other stuff to borrow.

Now imagine that instead of books, the library has Assistive Technology products.

And the library management software is tailored to assist healthcare professionals and educators to get more value from the library stock, in terms of collaboration, support and outcome assessment.

It is even fully accessible…

A pile of nuts and bolts.
At the nuts and bolts level, ATLibrary is quite similar to a conventional library.
A picture of an engine
ATLibrary is the engine that will drive your AT loan bank to new heights, in terms of productivity, management, reporting and efficiency.

ATLibrary takes care of all the monotonous chores of managing your inventory and the items that are out on loan.  It keeps track of what is checked out, automatically issuing timely reminders to the borrowers that their loans are due or overdue.  

When there are action items for the librarians (loan bank managers), such as a member placing a request, ATLibrary will send the librarian an email to that effect.

It also provides real-time management summary information  on stocks, what items are being borrowed, who is  borrowing etc, along with a suite of configurable feedback reports.

Let ATLibrary take care of the management headaches for you.