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Please complete and submit the form below and a site will be configured for you within two working days.  You will receive an email containing the web address and login credentials, and then you are good to go. During your free trial period (and beyond), the team at ATLibrary will provide you with ample assistance to get your service up and running and support you so that you can get the best out of the service.

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Application Screenshots

Graphical report of the the top 10 loaned products.
A sample graphical report ranking the top 10 products loaned from the library. This report is only available to users with administrative privileges, i.e. not available to ordinary members.
Screenshot of Product List from application

Screenshot of a Product List, within a product sub-group, from the application. This product list can be arrived at by drilling down from product-group to product-sun-group, or via a text search. The list includes an image, a description, a stock-status and an add-to-basket button for each product in the list.