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Features and Benefits

Maximise The Potential Of Your Assistive Technology Pool

Features and benefits include a fully functional dedicated AT library app, reduced costs, increased accuracy, multi-branch, automatic emails, graphical reporting.

Easy to Manage

  • View every function from one central dashboard
  • Access your information 24/7 
  • Log on from anywhere, from your phone, tablet, PC or laptop
  • Hosted service, no need for specialist IT skills 
  • Support staff ready to help
  • Customisable with organisations’ logo and branding
A summary of the requests/holds and loans relating to a librarian's branch, by status. Each section of the dashboard is expandable to reveal the list of requests (holds) or loans that it represents.
A summary of the requests/holds and loans relating to a librarian’s branch, by status. Each section of the dashboard is expandable to reveal the list of requests (holds) or loans that it represents.

Measure Effectiveness – Justify Funding

After the trial, did the end user purchase the item. Analyse the answer to this question across a number of angles to give a good indication of where your program is most successful.

  • Overall split
  • Analysis by location (centre/district)
  • Analysis by Product
  • Analysis by location/product

Be in Control

  • Easily find specific products
  • Check-outs and Check-ins update stock in realtime
  • Each stock-item tracked individually
  • Track components if required
  • Supports barcodes and scanning if required
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count.
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count. This report/graphic is a brilliant way to get an instant picture of the stock utilisation within your library.
Screenshot of members loan status.
Screenshot showing a summary of a member loans, i.e. the requests that the logged in member has in the library, the loans that the member currently haa out and the items that are finished with, but have yet to get back to the branch. Each summary total is expandable to list the individual loan details.

Stay on top of you Loans

  • Track and manage the entire loan process, even cross branch and cross-organisation
  • Support a range of loan authorisation and equipment collection and delivery methods
  • Notify administrators and service users of events in loan cycle
  • Track and monitor needs and history of individual service users
  • Track returns-to-supplier for cleaning & repairs
  • Highlight overdue loans
  • Default maximum loans, plus configurable by member

Never Forget

  • Member is notified when item is checked-out to a courier/posted
  • When an item is coming near its return date, the member is notified
  • Both the member and the relevant librarian are notified when an item is overdue, and again when it is due
  • Administrators and librarians are notified when an item is written off, missing or damaged
  • Notify members with loans when a courier is scheduled
  • Inform member when an out-of-stock requested product comes back into stock
  • Inform librarian when loan request is placed
  • Inform librarians when items are available for collection
  • Courtesy email to member on return of an item
An image of a blue envelope
The application generates a number of automated information and reminder emails as part of the request and loan cycles.
Peer support screenshot
Members can read peer reviews of products within the library, as well as write reviews themselves. They can also flag products which they are willing to provide support for, and also see the list of their peers that will provide support on a product.

Support your Colleagues

  • See who provides support for a product
  • Opt to provide support for a product
  • Read product reviews
  • Write product reviews

Enjoy Shared Resources

  • Combine branch (repository) stocks within an organisation
  • Combine stocks across multiple organisations, increasing AT usage & efficiency
  • Branch transfer facilities
  • Return-to-Supplier facilities for returns and repair/cleaning
  • Single look-up point for members, regardless of how many branches
  • Librarians can review stocks across all branches
  • Reduce abandonment of AT
Resource Sharing graphic
ATLibrary allows organisations with multiple branches to present the stock in a unified way. Separate organisations can pool their resources, improving efficiency and user experience (just one place to look).
User feedback pie-chart
Your admin user(s) can configure a number of feedback questions relevant to your specific environment, which will be asked during the returns process. The results can be displayed as a pie-chart at the touch of a button.

Information at your Fingertips

  • Top 10 loaned Products bar chart and top 10 Users bar chart
  • Top 10 products being damaged or lost
  • Top 10 out-of-stock products and long lead-days (above a threshold)
  • Loans value, stock value by product and stock value by status reports
  • User configurable feedback reports, e.g. Region, Program, Centre, Disability etc.
  • Table listings, e.g. product, stock, user etc.
  • All of the above are extractable as CSV (spreadsheet) files and well as MS Excel, MS Word and PDF documents

Accessible to all

  • ATLibrary Software meets the highest standards of accessibility
  • The application rigorously follows the W3C Web Site Accessibility Guidelines
  • It has a clear navigation structure that supports mice, keyboards, screen readers, Braille terminals and speech interfaces
  • The web interface uses semantically meaningful HTML
  • Text can be enlarged, and all images and links have text equivalents
  • We endeavour to conform to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.
W3C graphic
ATLibrary is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.
Screenshot showing the six product categories, plus a text search box.
The user can search the catalog by text search or by drilling down through the catalog categories, into the sub-categories, then into a product list for that sub-category.

Seamlessly searchable catalogue and basket

  • Easily find specific products by name
  • Easily find specific products by category/sub-category
  • Product can belong to more than one category/sub-category
  • Catalog displays full product details
  • Add to the basket as you go