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Purchase Analysis Report

New Purchase Analysis Report

If you are using a regular library application to manage your AT library, consider this Purchase Analysis report.  If you were looking for a single tool to measure the effectiveness of your program, this is it.  This report provides analysis of your loans, regarding subsequent purchases of the trialed AT.  It lists the numbers of loans that (a) resulted in a purchase and (b) those that did not result in a purchase, and the relative percentages.  This information is presented from a number of aspects.

Purchase Breakdown

  • Program-wide
  • Product
  • Location
  • Location Product

This report is available to library administrators at the touch of a button, bringing valuable management to your fingertips.

Courier Functionality

Add the ability to switch on/off courier functionality. If your site is a single location, i.e. where all loans are collections from a branch, then a single switch will hide all references to couriers in both the despatch and return sides of the loan cycle.

Also improved the layout of the Help Page.

Cancel Request

A Cancel button and Change Priority option have been added to the main check-out page, but are only displayed if you get to the check-out page without first going through a list page.  If there is more than one request, the librarian will be presented with a list, which includes the cancel and priority options.

Stock is allocated on a first-requested first-served basis.  However, should a librarian wish to check out stock to an unallocated request while all the available stock is allocated to other requests, increasing the priority of the desired request (from a default of 5 to a high of 1) will transfer the allocation from the most recent allocated request.