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Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade to version 5.3.0.  This version includes the following:

  • Smarter Check-out – Skip stages in the check-out process if there is only one choice.
  • Redesigned Reporting – Graphical reporting is presented in a new page, with less clutter
  • Added functionality to show/hide system products to allow them to be imported from the central cache into your library
  • Updated the Password Reset process
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count.
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count. This report/graphic is a brilliant way to get an instant picture of the stock utilisation within your library.

A Very Powerful Tool

ATLibrary is a web application to support assistive technology loan libraries. It allows information and devices to be shared across locations and organizations, and the wider community, while allowing each participating institution to manage their own inventory, users and lending policies.

It improves service by enabling individuals and health professionals to source AT devices from across branches, where a number of branches are configured in one installation. This is a more efficient use of inventory, and with comprehensive reporting, organizations can demonstrate outcomes, results and savings.

The software is typically delivered as a cloud based service which removes the need for specialist IT skills, but it can be deployed onsite for larger institutions who want to manage their own systems or integrate ATLibrary with existing systems.

Your efficient office friend

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your AT Library managed in such a way so that it did all the obvious things that you might expect, but then did more. Things like automatically emailing a member who has requested an out-of-stock item as soon as that item comes back into stock, and sending them another email as soon as the item is despatched to them. People like to be kept informed.

What about being able to configure, on a product-by-product basis, operational tests that members and librarians must acknowledge carrying out as part of the loan process, i.e. at despatch, receipt and return. Built in quality assurance.

Or how about being able to define your own set of feedback questions, the answers to which flow directly into a series of bar-chart reports so they can be analysed at the touch of a button. Real-time management information at your fingertips.

AT Library – helping you

AT Library is a simple-to-use cloud-based web application that helps you manage your AT loan library. Managing an AT library can be a costly and complicated business, but with its intuitive design and multi-functional capabilities, AT Library offers a comprehensive solution that delivers real benefits.