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Things we take for granted.

Automated shaving device
An Irish student has developed a shaving device for people with limited hand dexterity.

An Irish student has developed a shaving device for people with limited hand dexterity. EnableArm was inspired by Aaron’s late grandfather who suffered from limited hand dexterity due to a stroke. It is a fully functional device capable of shaving facial hair for people with limited use of their hands.

Navigate with your feet

Insoles with vibrating pods for navigation.
Insoles with vibrating pods for navigation. They are connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and direct you by vibrating left or right.

This device works by using your phone’s GPS navigation, connecting to pods in your shoes, issuing vibrations in the pods to direct you left or right.
As usual, we are not endorsing this product, just putting it out there as cool stuff.  For more information, click here.


As well as making cars, Hyundai, as a by-product of automobile automation, has branched out into personal mobility robots.  Robocob might be coming to a police station near you sooner than you think.  See full details here.

Evelyn Moore in homemade wheelchair

Toddler in homemade wheelchair

Here at ATLibrary, we like cool AT, and we usually pick up on leading edge kit.  However, this time we buck the trend with this story about a homemade wheelchair, going to prove that it does not always have to be high tech.

At 13-months old, the paralyzed toddler skilfully wheels her homemade wheelchair around the simulated track at Treehouse, an indoor playground in northeast Edmonton that she often visits with her mom.

For the full story,click here.


Finger Reader

We are not endorsing the product as we have no experience with it. We do however, like the concept and so it ends up in out ‘Cool Stuff’ category.

Finger Reader

See the MIT Media Lab notes on the FingerReader for details, click the image above for a youtube video on the FingerReader, or here for yet another video!