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Courier Functionality

Add the ability to switch on/off courier functionality. If your site is a single location, i.e. where all loans are collections from a branch, then a single switch will hide all references to couriers in both the despatch and return sides of the loan cycle.

Also improved the layout of the Help Page.

Cancel Request

A Cancel button and Change Priority option have been added to the main check-out page, but are only displayed if you get to the check-out page without first going through a list page.  If there is more than one request, the librarian will be presented with a list, which includes the cancel and priority options.

Stock is allocated on a first-requested first-served basis.  However, should a librarian wish to check out stock to an unallocated request while all the available stock is allocated to other requests, increasing the priority of the desired request (from a default of 5 to a high of 1) will transfer the allocation from the most recent allocated request.

Apr 2015

A new enhancement was added to the application today.
The first page of Member Receipting was a list of items to be receipted, and the member selected an item from the list to receipt. From now on, when there is only one item to be receipted, the list page is skipped and the member is brought directly to the receipting page.

Feb 2015

Major rework of the online help, included links from help flow-charts directly to library functions. This is particularly useful in a library set-up situation.

Nov 2014

1) Removed Inactive products from the Search Products by Text function.
2) Introduce a new Scanning Yes/No switch onto the tenant, drives the Change Branch Returns to behave as follows:
If Tenant Scanning in YES, bring the user to the page with the enterable barcode, and back there again after an item has been returned so they can scan/enter the next item.
If scanning is NO, bring the user to the list of returnable items and they can click on an item, i.e. they don’t have to scan/enter a barcode.
3) Make the term ‘Barcode’ within the application be a variable by tenant, ditto for Scanning/Entering. This will be set to ‘Label ID’ by default but can be changed on the Tenant Maintenance page.
4) Modified the Request process so that if there is only one active/held branch, then we can’t have transfers so we default the transaction Type to LOAN and skip to the next page. Speeds up the loan process.

Oct 2014

1) Add a link from Product maintenace to Product Display, and visa versa.
2) Provide functionality to allow users to import a product definition from a selection of default products, saves the user having to enter product details on the system, including pictures, manuals etc.

Sept 2014

1) Make ‘Client Assessment’ be the default loan reason, speeds up loan process.

2) Added Currency Symbol to Tenant Parameters and Reports.

3) Allow for separate barcode structures by Tenant.

4) Add additional selection criteria to some of the reports, e.g. selection by Category.

5) Provide the facility to send a test email to test the tenants SMTP server settings.

6) Add SubCategory and ProductAssociation links to the Product Maintenance page, and links back to the product page from these 2 pages.

Aug 2014

Remove the original notion of Central Core Products, now all stocked products are fully managed by the tenant, with the facility to import products from a separate central product list.
When requesting a loan, the Centre is defaulted to the User’s centre, speeds up loan process.
When a librarian is requesting a loan, the Class is defaulted to ‘Loan’ (as distinct from Transfer), speeds up loan process.