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Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade to version 5.3.0.  This version includes the following:

  • Smarter Check-out – Skip stages in the check-out process if there is only one choice.
  • Redesigned Reporting – Graphical reporting is presented in a new page, with less clutter
  • Added functionality to show/hide system products to allow them to be imported from the central cache into your library
  • Updated the Password Reset process
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count.
A pie chart showing the total stock broken down by status, listing value and count. This report/graphic is a brilliant way to get an instant picture of the stock utilisation within your library.

Evelyn Moore in homemade wheelchair

Toddler in homemade wheelchair

Here at ATLibrary, we like cool AT, and we usually pick up on leading edge kit.  However, this time we buck the trend with this story about a homemade wheelchair, going to prove that it does not always have to be high tech.

At 13-months old, the paralyzed toddler skilfully wheels her homemade wheelchair around the simulated track at Treehouse, an indoor playground in northeast Edmonton that she often visits with her mom.

For the full story,click here.


Discarded broken wheelchair in abandoned building.

Discarded Assistive Technology

In spite of the increased variety and availability of AT, approximately 30% of obtained ATs are discarded within a year. While there are many positive as well as undesirable reasons for this rate of discard, a major reason is poor assessment of consumer needs and preferences.  Key to an individual obtaining a quality assessment of needs and the most personally appropriate devices is the availability of skilled AT providers who understand the importance of a consumer-driven process and are able to provide appropriate and adequate services.



Finger Reader

We are not endorsing the product as we have no experience with it. We do however, like the concept and so it ends up in out ‘Cool Stuff’ category.

Finger Reader

See the MIT Media Lab notes on the FingerReader for details, click the image above for a youtube video on the FingerReader, or here for yet another video!

Courier Functionality

We have further improved our Courier Functionality by allowing it to be switched on/off by Centre when it is active for a given Library Branch. This means that, by default, a Branch can prompt for courier details to one Centre while not for another Centre. This is particularly useful where one Centre is adjacent to the Branch and another Centre is not.

Courier Functionality

Add the ability to switch on/off courier functionality. If your site is a single location, i.e. where all loans are collections from a branch, then a single switch will hide all references to couriers in both the despatch and return sides of the loan cycle.

Also improved the layout of the Help Page.