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Purchase Analysis Report
A multi aspect report listing the breakdown between loans that resulted in subsequent purchase versus non-purchase of the trialed AT devices. The figures are given as overall, by product, by location and by location-product, thus giving a very full picture.

New Purchase Analysis Report

If you are using a regular library application to manage your AT library, consider this Purchase Analysis report.  If you were looking for a single tool to measure the effectiveness of your program, this is it.  This report provides analysis of your loans, regarding subsequent purchases of the trialed AT.  It lists the numbers of loans that (a) resulted in a purchase and (b) those that did not result in a purchase, and the relative percentages.  This information is presented from a number of aspects.

Purchase Breakdown

  • Program-wide
  • Product
  • Location
  • Location Product

This report is available to library administrators at the touch of a button, bringing valuable management to your fingertips.

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