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Nov 2014

1) Removed Inactive products from the Search Products by Text function.
2) Introduce a new Scanning Yes/No switch onto the tenant, drives the Change Branch Returns to behave as follows:
If Tenant Scanning in YES, bring the user to the page with the enterable barcode, and back there again after an item has been returned so they can scan/enter the next item.
If scanning is NO, bring the user to the list of returnable items and they can click on an item, i.e. they don’t have to scan/enter a barcode.
3) Make the term ‘Barcode’ within the application be a variable by tenant, ditto for Scanning/Entering. This will be set to ‘Label ID’ by default but can be changed on the Tenant Maintenance page.
4) Modified the Request process so that if there is only one active/held branch, then we can’t have transfers so we default the transaction Type to LOAN and skip to the next page. Speeds up the loan process.