The Library is a simple-to-use cloud-based web application that helps you manage your AT loan library. Managing an AT library can be a costly and complicated business. With its intuitive design and multi-functional capabilities, AT Library offers a comprehensive solution that delivers real benefits.

The easy-to-navigate web interface and accessible design mean people can browse your online catalogue by category regardless of their technical proficiency. You can add text, links, images and files (e.g. user manuals etc) to the product. Peer-to-peer and user review functionality is included.

Users can share their experiences of a device, helping others decide what is most likely to meet their needs and giving valuable feedback to AT vendors.

AT Library makes it easy to loan devices between organisations, allowing you to improve the range of devices you can offer to clients, cutting down on equipment purchase costs, and eliminating the problem of abandoned equipment. It will optimise the stock usage, ensuring the Service User gets the equipment best suited to them.