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Gridpad 12 with Alea eyegaze


Enable Ireland provides equipment for loan to professionals working in the disability field for use with their clients and for their own professional training. We cannot be held responsible for any injury, harm or negative experience that a user might have with any item on loan from Enable Ireland. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure they have the requisite knowledge and training to correctly support their clients in the appropriate use of each item borrowed. We strongly advise that guidance be sought from a suitably qualified professional to ensure the appropriate selection and use of all loan devices. Members are encouraged to use the Peer Support feature, read the information from the relevant links provided, and to borrow items for their own training prior to attempting to support a client with an item if they are not fully familiar with that item.

The new Grid Pad 12 is a dedicated device for AAC users. A long 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options. This Gridpad has the Alea eye gaze camera attached. Ready for use with eye gaze, switches, touch, and USB devices. It has a 12.5” full HD tough antiglare touchscreen. Built-in radio and infrared Environment Control. Powered by Grid 3

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