Glossary of Library Terms for Enable Ireland
Catalog The catalog is a list of all active products on the library system grouped by category and sub-category.
Category A category is a collection of sub-categories. It allows for a high level categorisation of products into groups such as 'Vision Impairment' or 'Switches'
Centre The Centre is the location that items are checked-out to and where the members collect and return the items to.
Guest A Guest is a user who is not logged on to the site. They may view available products and specifications but may not request any.
Library The Library is the name given to the overall system. It includes all the branches, Organisations and Centres.
Organisation An Organisation is the system entity representing a group of Centres.
Password Your password is a secret code known only to you which prevents unauthorised access to your account.
Password Reset If you forget your password, the system will email you a link allowing you to reset your password.
Sub-Category Every product is assigned a sub-category (which is in turn assigned to a category) to assist browsing the Library .
User A user is anyone who is accessing the site. They may or may not be members of the site.
Username Your username is the unique id assigned to you by the administrator. REMEMBER: It may be different from your email address.