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The code for the A.T. Library was written by Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd..
Much of the design and philosophy of the Library has been built using:

  • The input from and active dialog with the N.R.H., EI, and NCBI.
  • The experience of the senior team members, Michael A. Murphy and Tom??s Kelly at Tay Lodge.

It should be stated that the Library was fully developed by Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd. and contains neither proprietary code or ideas.

The library contains/works on a number of components integrated from other sources and we acknowledge those components here.

Open Source Projects

The Library was written using some of the most popular Open Source Java projects, including their project dependencies. The Library includes the following software libraries:

  • Hibernate for object-relational mapping/data abstraction
  • Tomcat is the servlet container that is used for Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
  • Eclipse BIRT is an open source Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/J2EE application to produce compelling reports.

Simple Calendar Widget

The Simple Calendar Widget is Cross-Browser Javascript pop-up calendar, Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Anthony Garrett ( Simple Calendar Widget by Anthony Garrett). This library is free software. The full source code is available from the original author, or from Tay Lodge on request. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. It is used in its original form and has not been modified in any way.